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Let me tell you quickly how Africa and Zanzibar island became our new unique destination for a blissful getaway…

Once we had our Divine Body retreat program in Bali, Ubud and right before the beginning of the event a lady wrote us that she wants to join the retreat. This lady was so happy with the results of the week and the way she felt after that right away signed in for the second weak that was about to start in a few days!

After two retreats in a row Trish (the owner of Upendo Zanzibar) articulated her wish to organize a similar raw food and yoga week at her venue in Zanzibar. At first, I didn’t take it seriously as Africa seemed too far away and it was hard for me to imagine what it will be like there. As Trish left Bali we stayed in touch and after a few days it was clear that we should risk and give it a try ! Who doesn’t risk- do not drink green juice, right?

And so we made it! And it all turned in a week full of magic atmosphere, Masai tribe dance, fire ritual, free flow dance on the beach and of course our favorite yoga practice and raw food delights! Yay!!

So here are my top 4 reasons to experience bliss body retreat in Africa


  1. ENERGY. Of course, it is all about the energetics of the place. As yogis, we are looking for places that vibrate strong and positive energy. We need it in order to multiply the effect of the practice as well as to full fill out tanks with power and vitality. The vibe of this place is something I have never experienced before. It’s earthy, primal and very nourishing for the lowest chakras. That’s why we had a great practice every day and all of the participants felt a shift in the energy field.

ATMOSPHERE. As you might guess the owner of the place is a quite extraordinary person and woman – so as her place. Upendo – means love in Swahili and this is how every room, every villa, every piece of the interior is made. Super laid back, chill and very well located resort Upendo Zanzibar is located in one of the best spots on the Island, overlooking famous restaurant The Rock. This is a place to let it all go and completely rest in nature, merge with the wind, stunning colors of the ocean and the breathtaking view of sunrise. There are many sweet chillout spots near the pools where you can hide, sleep, meditate or read a nice book. Love it!
  3. OCEAN. As you may know in Bali our retreats are held in Ubud – the central part of the island, so its all jungle (which is also fabulous btw).

 But the Indian ocean is a love at first sight. Seriously, that is the most beautiful color of water I had a chance to see… Through the day the colors of the water change a few times and that makes you kinda hypnotized, you can just stare at the infinite ocean and think….nothing, be silent and gaaaze. What a pleasure to swim and snorkel there (also my best snorkeling experience) And that is all right at the spot where we live. Indian ocean is 10 out of 10 – Amazing!
  4. FOOD. Of course food, we love to eat from the garden and local. What I loved about the Island is that you are getting seriously delicious tropical fruit like pineapple, passionfruit, and more. I couldn’t hold myself back and even made a raw passionfruit cheesecake as the taste of passion fruit was absolutely great.

There is an organic garden too from where we get greens and veggies – A dream! So it’s a farm to table and that ’s why we can enjoy our raw gourmet meals as much as we want.

Overall this kind of yoga and wellness retreats on the Island is something new. I believe we (Bliss Body & Upendo) are the first who offer a barefoot chick resort and yoga, wellness, healing and raw food experience in a very private group. This blend undoubtedly makes our retreats a pretty rare find.

So now you get an idea of why Zanzibar is a new great location for wellness yoga retreat!

Please join us in October and November 2018.

Much love,

Vlada Inlight

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