Retreat Facilitators

Vlada de Sousa
(The Retreat Guide)

Spiritual Mentor
Meditation & Yoga Teacher
Energy Healer

Everything that Vlada teaches whether it is about yoga practice, spirituality, or energy healing is coming from the depth of her heart and years of dedicated self-work and personal practice.

She praises Yoga as a powerful method of self-realization and applies traditional hatha principles in her classes following the core knowledge about asana and pranayama. Guided Meditations that Vlada is teaching are very intuitive and based on ancient methods: she creates unique meditation practices that offer energy healing and support the student on his path towards spiritual awakening. Tantric Philosophy is a core aspect of her powerful spiritual teachings, but she welcomes wisdom from all differente sources.

Vlada’s passion is to bring people closer to the realization of their divinity and internal abundance - in an all inclusive embodied form that she, so brightly, emanates.

Olha Shtembuliak
(The Chef)

Certified Plant-Based Chef
Raw Food Teacher
Detox & Juice Fasting Coach

Olha’s path to the role of a plant-based Chef started when she joined Bliss Body Retreat with a mission to transform and awaken others towards a more conscious approach to life. For the last 4 years, she has been teaching people how food affects the connection of the Body-Mind-Spirit.

She is a professional and Certified Raw & Plant-Based Food Chef studied from different teachers around the globe. Olha is always expanding her nutrition awareness and drawing inspiration from various approaches: Biochemistry, Ayurveda, Macrobiotics (Traditional Chinese Medicine), Raw & Healing Food.

Having a strong appetite for a change, Olha's cooking is full of vibrant plant-based meals with unique fusion tastes.

“My ultimate goal is to live life as a more awakened, vibrant, alive human being. I know on my own experience how food can change and transform not only the body, but life itself. As a Chef, I want to deliver this glowing sensation to guests and watch them shining after one week of gourmet plant-based food experience here at Bliss Body Retreat.”