Our Mission

As A Boutique Yoga Retreat & Holistic Center, We Offer A Memorable Experience. 

We know that it’s our mission to add on to the global shift in consciousness, health, and wellbeing so that we, as humans, can awaken to the glorious life.

Here Spirituality meets Luxury Wellness.

In the times where many are looking for more self-awareness, spiritual connection, and true empowerment – we come to serve and share our wisdom.

We offer a safe process of self-discovery for those who have small experience with yoga, meditation, and spirituality.

Bliss Body Retreat was born out of the passion for conscious lifestyle and desire to share knowledge and wisdom about spirituality, holistic nutrition and wellbeing.

Bliss Body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of awakened life. Beyond providing transformational experience, they aspire to become a place of self-discovery and spiritual enrichment.

Our priority is a high level of teachings, nature-inspired surrounding, as well as experienced and humble guides and facilitators.


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