Cooking Course – Gourmet Raw Food & Yoga Retreat In Bali


Learn How To Make Delicious Healthy Food With Ease And Love



Change Your Diet And Change Your Life!


This wonderful retreat is for everyone who is excited to learn how to cook gourmet raw cuisine.


Touch the base of healing food cooking with our 6 hands-on holistic workshops!

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  • Spend 7 Days In The Lush Jungles Of Ubud, Bali
  • Improve Your Yoga & Meditation Practice
  • Learn How to Prepare Raw Food With 5 Hands-On Healing Food Workshops
  • Nourish And Detox Yourself With Raw Gourmet Cuisine
  • Discover Educational Lectures About Healing Nutrition
  • Benefit From Exclusive Small Group & Personalized Approach
  • Learn How To Maintain Perfect Weight Using Natural Remedies
  • Discover Unique Balinese Culture And Spirituality
Discover New World Of Raw Food

During this exclusive retreat, we will immerse in the learning process of a gourmet raw cuisine with a hands-on approach.

You will expand your knowledge about healthy nutrition in a new, eye-opening perspective. Give a chance to raw food to steal your heart and help you to become vibrant, happy and healthy on all levels.

Raw and live food opens your heart and mind, it will make you feel bountiful and fulfilled, while raising your spirit. We aim to inspire people to make a shift in their daily life nutrition, while still enjoying all aspects of the food, such as desserts, cheeses, snacks, and delicious mains.

How You Will Benefit
  • Receive profound education about raw healing food
  • Unplug from daily stress and enjoy the atmosphere of Balinese nature
  • Arm yourself with tools and tips on a healthy lifestyle
  • Explore your inner-self, senses, and emotions with the help of raw food
  • Get in shape. Shake off extra weight and see yourself glowing
  • Transform negative emotions and anxiety, find inner peace and balance
  • Meet like-minded people from all over the world, make new friends

Olha will usher you into a colorful world of raw/vegan food that will make you glow and radiate from the atomic and cellular levels. Her artistic food presentations will directly speak to your soul and you will want to replicate the tastes and feelings that her daily kaleidoscope brings to sustain the lively vibrations.Anjali (USA)

About Your Raw Food Chef

Olha Tirtha – Certifed Raw Food & Plant-Based Chef, Detox Coach, Raw Food Teacher

  • Raw Food Chef Training at Sayuri’s Healing Food Academy
  • Advanced Raw & Vegan Cooking Techniques with Vladimir Stukotin
  • Introduction to Food & Health | Stanford School of Medicine
  • Raw Desserts at Home& Raw Chocolatier by Amy Levin

Plant-based and Raw food is Olha’s passion. She is a professional and Certified Raw & Healing Food Chef studied from different teachers around the globe. Olha is always expanding her nutrition awareness and drawing inspiration from various food approaches (Ayurveda, Macrobiotics, Raw & Healing Food) to create a unique fusion of taste.

Her genuine intention is to share her experience and knowledge about how to pursue the love for good food with the help of raw & plant-based nutrition.

During Raw Food Workshop, Olha will provide with tools on how to elevate and heal your relationship with the food & your body.

Olha about Holistic & Raw Food Nutrition:

“My ultimate goal is to live life as a more awakened, vibrant, alive human being. And this is where raw food magic comes in. As a chef, I want to deliver the same sensation to guests and watch them shining and glowing after one week of gourmet raw food experience here at Bliss Body Retreat.”


Our Guests about Olha:

Olha served and showed us how to prepare the most amazing and surprising meals. Delicious, healthy and incredibly colorful. The food at its best! – Milena (Switzerland).

The food was out of this world. Every day was a new tasting experience, Olga is so much talented and creative. – Ioanna (UK)

Let me start with the food. All I can say is WOW! I had never eaten raw food only for a week and loved everything that Olha made. – Jennifer (USA)

What You Will Learn?
  • The essential importance of raw and live food in the daily diet
  • Healthy and delicious breakfasts: fruit smoothies, puddings, chia & flax-seeds porridge, cashew cheese, fruit rolls and delights, cashew scramble and bruschetta
  • Essential basics of raw food: cold-pressed juices, nut milk, fermentation (parmesan, feta, coconut yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchee), sprouting and soaking
  • More than 20 sauces: tomato marinara, raw mayo, cashew Alfredo sauce, pesto, Italian vinaigrette, French mustard kiss, ginger-tahini, sweet almond-chili)
  • Naughty main dishes from the worldwide cuisines: Italian pasta, vegetable lasagna, pizza, Middle -Eastern hummus, falafel, tabbouleh, Pad Thai, Japanese rolls, South Indian Curry, French Spinach quiche)
  • Soups: tomato-gazpacho, cool avocado soup, Beetroot detox soup, carry carrot soup, miso soup
  • Elaborate desserts: chocolate pie, cheesecake, nut-free desserts, bliss energy balls, halva, dark chocolate, vanilla-mango pudding, ice-cream
  • What are Superfoods and Super-Super Foods and where do we get our protein from?
  • How to recycle food and be a sustainable eater

Personalized Approach

  • This retreat is a special opportunity for you to heal and rejuvenate, so that you can look younger, slimmer, and glow from the inside out.
  • Once you book the retreat, we will have an in depth interview with you to find out what your personal needs and priorities are for the retreat. Based on this information, we tailor our activities to help you get what you want out of your retreat experience.
  • During the retreat, you will also receive personal guidance in the areas of nutrition, detoxing and yoga so that you could get long lasting results for your body, mind and soul.
  • As an additional bonus, you will also get a 1 hour personal transformational coaching session with our facilitator, to help you overcome any challenge in your life.
  • This personalized approach gives you the best opportunity to restore, heal and transform, so that after the retreat you can feel empowered, fulfilled, more in touch with your true self.

Daily Schedule

Day 1

13:00 Arrival
13:30 Welcome circle
15.30 Gourmet Holistic Lunch
18:30 Restorative Yoga & Meditation
20:00 Herbal Tea & Hot Vegetable Broth

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Day 2

07:00 Herbal Tea
07:30 Yoga and Meditation Practice
10:00 Gourmet Holistic Breakfast
11:30 Gourmet Raw Cooking Class #1
15:00 Holistic Lunch
16.00 Free time for Relaxation or Additional Activites
18:00 Restorative Yoga & Meditation
20:00 Herbal Tea & Vegetable Broth


Day 3

07:00 Herbal Tea
07:30 Yoga and Meditation Practice
10:00 Gourmet Holistic Breakfast
11:30 Gourmet Raw Cooking Class #2
15:00 Holistic Lunch
16.00 Free time for Relaxation or Additional Activites
20:00 Herbal Tea & Vegetable Broth


Day 4

07:00 Herbal Tea
07:30 Yoga and Meditation Practice
10:00 Gourmet Holistic Breakfast
11.00 Visit to Holy Water Temple
13:30 Gourmet Raw Cooking Class #3
15.00 Gourmet Raw & Holistic Lunch
16.00 Free time for walking, relaxing, reading
18:00 Energy Centers Seminar
20:00 Herbal Tea & Vegetable Broth


Day 5

07:00 Herbal Tea
07:30 Yoga and Meditation Practice
10:00 Gourmet Holistic Breakfast
11.00 Visit to Holy Water Temple
13:30 Gourmet Raw Cooking Class #4
15.00 Gourmet Raw & Holistic Lunch
16.00 Free time for walking, relaxing, reading
20:00 Herbal Tea & Vegetable Broth


Day 6

07:00 Herbal Tea
07:30 Yoga and Meditation Practice
10:00 Gourmet Holistic Breakfast
11.00 Visit to Holy Water Temple
13:30 Gourmet Raw Cooking Class #5
15.00 Gourmet Raw & Holistic Lunch
16.00 Free time for walking, relaxing, reading
18:00 Ayurvedic Five Senses Meditation
20:00 Herbal Tea & Vegetable Broth


Day 7 

08:00 Herbal Tea
09:00 Gourmet Holistic Brunch
10:00 Closing Ceremony
11.00- 12.00 Departure & Transfers


What Customers Say About Us

I booked the retreat without knowing much about healing food or yoga, all I knew was I needed to do something for myself. It turned out to be the best gift I could give to myself. The whole experience exceeded every expectation.

Ioanna  (United Kingdom)

To me, the whole week was very inspiring – for mind, body, heart, and soul. The yoga and meditations were conducted by Vlada in such a great way that I had the feeling we had been doing this together for a long time.

Alexandra  (Austria)

If you want to come home full of renewed strength, energy and an understanding of yourself and the universe with all that entails then’t miss out. I’m saving up for my next trip!

Laura-Jane (United Kingdom)

Vlada is not only the most wonderful and sweetest host, she is also a very good mentor who inspired me to change my way of living and thinking, not just spiritually, but also to be more aware of nutrition intake, develop a new approach to my yoga practice and healthy living habits.

Fafa Wong  (Hong Kong)

Everything was just wonderful and the retreat was all I needed to feel the way I feel now! It gave me a clear mind and body, an open heart and a free spirit! I am so thankful to have met the two awesome and beautiful goddesses Vlada and Olha, that were such an inspiration to me and have opened my eyes and my mind in so many different ways!

Manuela (Switzerland)

Testimonial by Rachel

I was very pleasantly surprised by the tastiness, presentation, creativity, and satisfaction I got from Olha’s cooking. I learned so much about flavors and combinations and really learned first hand the true benefits of eating raw food. 

Rachel (Australia)

Retreat Special Features
Fire Ritual During Sunset For Transformation

This ritual is meant to help realise doubts, fears, old stories, and disappointments and to Get empowered, gain self-worth, strength, and confidence. Expect to dance around the fire, meditate and set your intentions.

Raw Healing Food Workshop With The Chef

This 3-hour cooking healing food workshop is aimed to show you some secrets of live food. Together, we will create amazing main meals including sauces and one type of dessert using only fresh, organic ingredients. Getting your hands on, you will find out that raw live food can be fun, delicious and awesome.

The amazing food chef is leading this event and will answer your questions, touching the very basics of raw food up to some gourmet tricks.

After this workshop, you will be ready to come back home and surprise your family and friends with a new holistic feast menu.



What Is Included
  • 6 nights in luxury private suite
  • full 7 days of detox, cooking and yoga program
  • Morning guided yoga practice
  • Meditation and breathwork
  • Ayurvedic 5 senses sunset meditation
  • 6 hands-on healing food workshops
  • Self-awareness meditation, journaling, and exploration of the inner self
  • Lectures and educational talks about live and healing nutrition
  • Balinese purification holy water rituals in the sacred temple
  • Blessing ceremony with a local priest
  • Deep tissue traditional Balinese massage
  • Drinking water, herbal tea, and young coconuts
  • Gourmet healing breakfasts, lunches, and desserts
  • High-quality cold-pressed green juices
  • Post-retreat guidance in closed Facebook group
  • Pre-retreat information pack
  • Pre-retreat consultation with the guide
  • Complimentary pick-up service

The lovely and ultra-private venue is nestled in the Balinese foothills beneath the very small, traditional village. It is set at the jungle’s edge, atop a vast amphitheater of rice paddies cascading down into the deep gorge of the holy river. The villa complex commands a panoramic view of a distant ridge of nine ancient volcanoes.

Stunning villa is designed with lovely panoramic views of rice paddies, jungle, and mountains. The master suite has a king size bed with a wrap-around terrace and glass windows that allow you to enjoy the most of the outside beauty. The en-suite bathroom has a custom-made bathtub, hand carved from a giant tree, and overlooking the rice paddies.

Need to know before you go
Dear valued guest, before you will land on the beautiful island, we will send you a questionnaire to find out how we can serve you best. You are also welcome to schedule a private call with the retreat guide prior to your arrival.
– Please, be informed that it is not allowed to smoke, drink alcohol, take drugs during the retreat
– Complimentary pick-up transfer will be arranged for you on the day of your arrival & departure
– It is safe to travel alone, and most of the local people speak good English
– Make sure to arrange sightseeing/shopping tours before or after the retreat. We suggest immersing into the experience fully while staying with us.
After you register, we will send you a pre-retreat guide with all the information you might need.

Choose Your Date

Bookings are open for 2019


Choose Your Accomodation

Private Deluxe Suite With A Jungle View

USD 2650

Taxes & Transfer fees are included

Shared Deluxe Suite With A Jungle View

USD 2350

Taxes & Transfer fees are included

Additional Holistic Activities 


Reiki Energy Healing & Chakra Balancing

Reiki is an energetic system of healing, originating in Japan. This powerful yet gentle energy work purifies your chakras and auric body, relieves stress, anxiety, depression, and supports the healing of physical pain and chronic illness.
Reiki works to shift all the negative energies with high frequencies of healing light to help you transform spiritually, emotionally and physically.
Reiki is unconditional love opening your heart to deeper levels of balance and peace.


Tarot & Intuitive Reading

You would benefit from this session if you have a lot of questions and no answers. Tarot and Intuitive reading session can help you receive answers and guidance to your life questions. Tarot cards reading session will offer you guidance on the relationship, work, making decisions and will help you to reach positive changes in your life.



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