COVID 19 Regulations

Dear guest, Your wellbeing is our first and biggest priority.

We want to reassure you that our retreat location is the safest place to be during these unfortunate times. In the curated space, you will avoid crowds, public transports, and large gatherings while breathing fresh air and enjoying the healing nature surroundings. These days of quietness and organic food will profoundly increase and strengthen your immune system.

We are also following the current recommendations and regulations from the government on the topic of COVID-19 and would like to inform you of the following:

Safety Measures

Bliss Body Retreat Team along with the team and staff at the retreat venue are following all precautions and suggested safety measures

Before Retreat

  • We kindly ask every participant to take a Covid-19 test 72h prior to the beginning of the retreat and send / bring the negative result.
  • Covid-19 Tests are not mandatory, however if the situation in Hong Kong reaches consistently more than 100 new cases per day in the 7 days prior to the retreat they will be required. Our team will be doing it in all situations.

During Retreat

  • Daily temperature checks
  • Physical Distance is applied during the workshops, yoga & meditation classes
  • Face masks will be worn by the employees
  • Maximum 4 people will sit per table during dining
  • The maximum capacity is 5 rooms per each retreat
  • All props, yoga mats, etc will be sanitized frequently.
  • All transfers will have a maximum of 3 guests.
Cancellation Policy*
  • In case of the cancellation of the retreat due to the governmental regulations, Bliss Body Retreat will offer a full refund or transfer the credit to another retreat date.
  • In case of the cancellation by the participant, due to the health state, Bliss Body Retreat does not issue a full refund, the credit will be transferable within 1 year from the date of the booking.

*Valid for all reservations from July 15th onwards.

We want to make sure you feel safe and secure during this event, so you can extract the maximum benefits for your wellbeing. If you have further questions or want to receive any additional guidance, please feel free to reach out to us.

Best Regards,
Bliss Body Retreat Team