Private Custom Retreat

Private and tailor-made yoga retreat experience for you or your group of family and friends.

Unique holistic holiday that may bring great long-lasting health improvements and your spiritual transformation.

Weather you need some time alone to recharge or you feel like treating yourself with yoga and holistic nutrition week, our team will be delighted to create a personalized program based on your special requirements.

“Bliss Body” Yoga & Holistic Healing Center is an expert in organizing one of a kind spiritual and wellness holidays that can be a life changing experience.

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Our Menu of services
  • Personalized Yoga & Meditation Practice
  • Gentle Energy Healing Sessions
  • Organic Spa Treatments
  • Detox and Juice Fasting
  • Holistic Gourmet Raw Food Experience
  • Nutrition Seminars and Wellness Counseling
  • Raw Food Cooking Classes with the chef
  • Spiritual Guidance 1-on-1 Sessions
  • Pilgrimage to Holy Water Temples in Bali for purification rituals

You may choose activities that you enjoy the most and create your own unique holistic retreat.

We organize retreats for singles, couples, families and groups of friends who are looking for special and tailor-made wellness holidays.

The minimum length of a custom retreat is 5 days/4 nights

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