Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get to the retreat venue?

You don’t have to be worried about organising a transfer, as it is included in the price of
retreat. Our professional driver will pick you up at the airport or any other place in Bali and
take you to our place.

What type of food are we going to eat?

If you are embarking on Raw Food and Yoga Retreat, our menu will be based on raw and
mostly unprocessed foods. We will have fruit-based breakfasts and nourishing lunches. But,
yes, it is all going to be made only from raw fresh and organic vegetables.

Am I going to be hungry? I am afraid eating only two times per day is not for me

Portions are big and filling, with an abundance of fruits and vegetables. The food will be
prepared professionally with healthy deeps and sauces to make the taste even better.
Moreover, our aim is to show you and teach you what you can eat differently, yet delicious
and healthy. In addition, we will have some snacks and fresh cold-pressed green juice daily.
In the evening we are going to serve warm vegetable broth for a good sleep.

I’ve heard this fancy word - “detox”? What does it actually mean?

It is a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or
unhealthy substances;

I would like to have a shared room, is it possible?

With our vast experience in running retreats, we can say that retreat is a deeply intimate
process. So, everyone wants to have his/her own space and spend time with the inner
world. In this light, we advise sharing a room only if you are relatives or couple, so you
can benefit 100% from our event.

What type of Yoga are we going to practice?

As a fundamental knowledge about asana and pranayama, our guide uses Iyengar
yoga approach. Meanwhile, deeply immersing into the method of yoga «Embodied
flow», which is bringing together all aspects of Tantra yoga, Body Mind Centring and
Hatha Yoga. The classes during our retreats are always steady, mindful and deep,
including Asana, pranayama and meditation.

I would like to buy some souvenirs, will we have free time to go out?

We usually, advise our guests to come a few days earlier or stay a little bit later after the
retreat. We have an intensive schedule, with a lot of various activities and in the free time,
you would better to have rest and chill out, rather than walking in the hot and crowded
centre of Ubud.

Do I have to bring a Yoga mat? What else should I bring with me?

No, you don’t have to bring a yoga mat, we are going to provide you with all Yoga
props. All rooms are equipped with towels, hair dryer. Please, bring your own toiletries,
such as shampoo, bath soap, etc. Don’t forget to take any prescribed medicine and
swimming suit.

Will I be allowed to drink coffee?

No, you won’t be allowed to drink coffee. We’ve found it a much funnier way of use.

Are we going to perform any cleansing procedures?

Yes, during the detoxification process, it is very important to be sure, that we are
cleaning all stuff inside out. We will provide with a cleansing Enema kit, and will
explain how to do it on your own. Basically, an enema is a procedure in which liquid is
injected into the rectum, typically to expel its contents. In some cases, when we see that
the guest need more attention to his colon, we advise having a colon hydrotherapy (for
additional 50 USD). Colon hydrotherapy is performed in a holistic clinic in the centre of
Ubud, the procedure is the same as the normal enema cleanse, yet it is far more

Is it possible to smoke during the retreat?

Sorry, but you are not allowed to smoke during our retreats.