Offering From the Heart Meditation Practice with Vlada de Sousa

Golden Light Bath

Date: July 15, 2020
Time: 19:00 GMT+8
Where: Online on Zoom

Golden Light Bath

By offering this meditation practice my intention is to support everyone who wants to move from low to high. This practice will cool down your central nervous system and activate the primordial consciousness - a place of stillness. A deep sense of peace and reassurance is what our systems craving at these times.

In the vibration of the golden light, there is no space for anxiety or fear energy, it simply shifts.

If you are recovering from stress, have mood swings, and do not feel emotionally stable, you will greatly benefit from this offering.

You can expect 60 minutes of profound internal work that will enable you to recover from any low vibrations.

Join The Golden Light Bath Meditation to clear your aura and activate golden light frequencies in your field.

*This practice is perfectly suitable for beginners, all genders and all ages. If you have never practiced meditation or worked with your energy, this is an amazing opportunity to begin!

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    Golden Light Bath Meditation

    Date: Wednesday, 15th of July
    Time: 19:00 GMT+8
    Where: Online on Zoom

    About the Facilitator

    Vlada de Sousa is practicing and teaching intuitive meditations. With an intention to raise global consciousness and support humanity on spiritual evolution, she has created a new holistic, and integrated approach to meditation practice.

    Her meditation teachings are based on the principals of the chakra system, energy healing, and classic nondual tantric tradition.

    “You are the doorway to Infinity. Right here where you are is the most perfect time and place to shed all illusions and awaken to the light within...”

    Vlada de Sousa