90 Minute
Intuitive & Energy Reading

“My integral approach is based on the combination of the divination tools like Vedic Astrology, Tarot Cards and your Energy field (aura). The session will give you a bird's-eye view of a situation. I do believe in fate, but I also believe that we have a chance to select a destiny that is for our highest good.” - Olha
Working with Olha

This session is a portal of a deeper understanding in the web of your mundane life. It will bring a clarity and understanding why things happen as they do. We will look at the evolution of events and reveal both probable and possible outcomes.

Also, we will look at your Natal Astrology chart and what planets are presented in your life, and how you can work with them to achieve desired results.

This Reading is particularly useful in finding solutions and guidance in matters relating to Work/ Wealth, Relationships, Personal and Spiritual Growth, and Health and Well-Being is like opening a window into a new direction, new understanding, or a new certainty towards something you already knew.

Your Intention is Everything

The purpose of this reading is to give you a picture of the energy of the past, present state and future of the topic or circumstances at hand. The present situation is always a product of the past, just like a fruit is the product of the seed. When you understand the causes - the forces, beliefs, and persons that define your situation, you can set energies free and navigate your future. This session will help you to recognize the power of choice and free will.

‘The future enters into us, in order to transform itself in us, long before it happens’. - Rainer Maria Rilke

Life is not about avoiding difficulties on the journey, but rather facing them with courage, strength and unconditional love. As we are in a constant cyclic state of change and growth, the session will help you to recognize and respond to these processes with a deeper understanding.

How it works?

We will connect with you at the Zoom Meeting Room, and you will be able to record the session to refer to it later.

Online reading works the same as face to face, as for energy time and place does not exist. We tune into your energy field and deliver the information you need to know exactly at this time.

Note: As we will look at your Astrology Chart, please have your exact time of birth.


1 Session

90 Minute-Intuitive & Energy Reading Session

Price: $130 USD


2 Sessions

90 Minute-Intuitive & Energy Reading Session

In these two sessions we will have a profound reading on your current situation and will work with your intention, and on the next session follow up we will look at what has changed from the previous reading, allowing us to see where you are heading next.

Price: $200 USD


Check In Session

Only for previous clients - 35 minutes Check In Session

Please note this session is supposed to check in with you after the previous session, and can be booked only within 3 months after the first session. If you had more than 3 months, you might need to book a full 90 minute reading session, since the energy might completely shift.

Price: $55 USD

Gift Certificate

If you know someone who would appreciate this beautiful experience send them a gift of 90 Minute-Intuitive & Energy Reading Session

What Students Say
“Olha is doing a fantastic job! I'm impressed of the analysis she gave me. Olha is explaining the connection of life, soul, energy and the cards in a clear way and is happy to answer any upcoming questions. She seems very experienced and with her open and friendly personality it's a pleasure to listen and chat to her. I can truly recommend a session with Olha!“ - Conny
“Her hair-line senses and very personal but in the same time absolutely wise manner of reading is making an experience very informative and unique. She won’t tell your future, but make sure you’ll be greatly energized and fulfilled after her sessions, leaving with a feeling that you received information you had to know for the moment. Sincerely recommend it from the bottom of my heart!” - Anastasia
“Our sessions are something secret, deep and meaningful every time. This beautiful lady really empowers my soul journey.I highly recommend Olha because she helps me to find inner answers to my deepest questions within.” - Valeria