Holistic Nutrition & Detox

This private holistic nutrition mentorship is offered by Raw Food & Plant-based Chef at Bliss Body Retreat - Olha Tirtha.

Bringing together knowledge from different perspectives like Macrobiotics (Chinese Medicine), Ayurveda, Raw Food Nutrition and Detox, Olha is offering private and tailored programs according to your specific needs

You will learn how to heal and elevate your relationship with the food and enjoy easy-to-make meals. This program is going to be designed only for You in accordance with your health conditions, age, country of residence and season

Transform your health and life

If you have challenges with healthy nutrition, want to do detox or simply want to learn how to cook not only healthy, but nutritionally dense and, which is more, delicious meals for yourself and all your family, this private mentorship is a perfect solution for you.

Food is medicine, and when you use food this way, you’re committing to a beneficial lifestyle change.

Take advantage of every drop of power from the food and transform your health and life.

The course includes
  • Tailor-made nutrition meal-plan for every week, created specially for you
  • Personalized counselling: weekly calls and online support
  • Seminar “Healing Power of a Plant-Based Diet”
  • Shopping Lists & Kitchen Detox
  • List of healing herbs, and superfoods
  • Unique plant-based recipes that you won’t find anywhere else, designed up to your location and seasonal products
  • Formulas for Salads and Juices
  • Ayurvedic Body & Face Treatment Recipes

Bonus Ror 3+ Mentorship Course Includes

  • Workshop on Fermentation & Gut Healing
  • Optional Juice Fasting Mentorship

1-Month Mentorship Course

Price: $450 USD


3-Months Mentorship Course

Price: $900 USD


6-Months Mentorship Course

Price: $1500 USD

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What Students Say
"Olha is the best raw & vegan chef. She can basically take any fresh ingredient and work her magic to make it. We savoured every bit of the food!" - Maggie
"Olha showed us how to prepare the most amazing and surprising meals. Delicious, healthy and incredibly colorful. Food at its best" - Milena
"Olha will usher you into a colorful world of raw/vegan food that will make you glow and radiate from the atomic and cellular levels. Her food & teachings directly speak to your soul and you will want to replicate the tastes and feelings that her daily kaleidoscope brings to sustain the lively vibrations." - Anjali
"I learnt so much about flavours and combinations and really learnt first hand the true benefits of eating raw food. I was surprised and really happy with the positive effects the food had on me mentally and physically. it helped with many digestive issues, made my skin glow! and just made me feel amazing inside and out!" - Rachel