Personalized Meditation Mentorship

Unique spiritual journey created by the mentor of Bliss Body - Vlada de Sousa

You will learn ancient meditation techniques and energy balancing meditation practices.

Every meditation will be tailored to your current state of mind and level of spiritual awareness. You will study and practice various meditation techniques, from restorative and deeply healing to energizing and activating practices.

The experience will go beyond general meditations that you can find in modern Apps.

This course is aimed to help you to reconnect with your spiritual aspect, clear and realign mental function and bring your energetic system into wholeness.

If you want to deepen your meditation practice and work on yourself mentally, energetically and spiritually, this course will greatly support you.

The meditation course includes
  • Chakra test and Introduction to the course
  • Energy Reading Session (1 time per month)
  • Weekly 1-on-1 live session with Vlada (60 minute)
  • A tailor made recorded meditation practice for the study week
  • Weekly guidance and feedback
  • Reflections on the progress of the student and support

*All recorded meditations will stay with you forever and will not be shared with other students


1-Month Mentorship Course

Price: $800 USD


3-Months Mentorship Course

Price: $1800 USD


6-Months Mentorship Course

Price: $3000 USD


1-Year Mentorship Course

By completion of a year program you will receive a certificate and will become a meditation facilitator

Price: $5400 USD

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What Students Say
“Profound, revealing, healing, inspiring … and very useful. This is my clearest description of my one-on-one coaching experience with Vlada in the last few months. Every time we speak, I learn something new, about myself or about energy/the spiritual world. Through our one-on-ones or my daily meditation, we go deep into areas I didn’t even know existed before and I am frequently stunned at the end of the session. It takes commitment on my part, but it all flows naturally and the rewards are practical. Practical means that what I’m learning helps me towards becoming the very best of myself. “
“As a long term beginner meditator - through apps, occasional sound healing baths and Buddhist sessions – I trusted Vlada could help me gain a deeper knowledge on my practice in a particular time of my life In which I wanted to start relying much more on my intuition.

This mindful intention was completely surpassed by a spiritual journey that enabled me to dive within while connecting with everything there is outside of my physical body. I will be forever grateful for reaching this new level of awareness and for empowering my sense of knowing. Vlada is much more than a mentor, her power is a self-guiding light that opens space for love.”