Take courage for our Private Bliss Body Retreat and give this opportunity to open new doors and new possibilities

Life is about living experience…we cannot always wait for the perfect time – sometimes we must dare to jump into the unknown in order to unveil ourselves. We must have the courage to take chances and to initiate changes. By being courageous and not being afraid to trying something new, we are able to broaden our horizons and experiences. It will take courage to step out of your comfort zone but as soon as the fear of unknown goes…this is where the magic started.

WHY do you NEED a Private Retreat?

Being always distracted from the outer world, one tends to forget how it is important to keep a personal space. Work, family, personal issues etc, when was the last time when you dedicated precious time to yourself? Tell us… We bet it was a long time ago.

That’s why, we believe that having a Private Retreat is the only solutions to find inner balance, spend time with yourself and be totally immersed in the beautiful Balinese Spiritual surrounding.

You can not find a better

location to treat your

body & mind like

the heart of Bali

Ubud is the place that attracts lots of yogies, spiritual guides. This place is full of mystery, consciousness and great inspiration. Balinese temples, picturesque roads for walking, rice paddies views, peacefulness and yet you can feel it’s heartbeat.

Private high-comfort villa

Our private high-comfort villa is going to be 20 minutes drive from the main street so that you could surrender and enjoy the sounds of birds, rest well and breath fresh air.


The location is so comfortable that you may reach waterfalls, mountains, beaches easily.

What are the benefits of Private retreat?

  • Personal adjustment of the program
  • Private attitude
  • Flexibility of the schedule
  • Opportunity to have your own space and and just be yourself
  • Having our guidance and support with any issue
  • Personal coaching
  • Nourish yourself with spiritual Balinese surrounding
  • Take back home basic principles of Yoga practice, breath work, and meditation
  • Private tet-a-tet talks with our guide
  • Development of your spiritual world
  • Luxury accommodation with a jungle view
  • Private tet-a-tet talks with our guide
  • Private Yoga Classes
  • Special after-retreat program with guidelines
  • Reconnect with your body and core values and cultivate mindful leaving


15 minutes drive from the center of Ubud, yet the place itself is isolated with a magnificent jungle panorama. You will feel pure serenity and peacefulness, accompanied by singing birds. The terrace, where we practice Yoga and meditations is a perfect spot to catch first sunlight’s as well as to see sunsets.

You will be accommodated in a private bungalow with your own balcony and big light bathroom. There is a swimming pool facing the palm valley and lush greenery of Ubud. Sounds like a fantasy, right? No, it is all real, and it is all yours for the whole retreat duration.

It’s time to bliss


Private Retreat1x1

from $ 3500

Private Retreat


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