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Hi Love!

Have you ever felt like some situation or story that had happened or expected to happen in the future simply sucks the life force out of you?

Or you feel powerless in front of particular people and can’t express what you want freely?

These things (for everyone it’s different) are like small viruses that daily are poisoning our existence and do not give us a space to create and live happily. And if we do not recognize in time what exactly is taking our energy away with some time we can feel weaker and find ourselves depleted energetically.

Let’s check right now what is that thing right now in your life that is not giving you a peace of mind?

Are you still struggling about situation or event that took place some time ago and you still can’t move over it? This is a big topic as the older we grow the more past we have.
And if we had no time to process what had happened and to forgive/let go it is like a stone in the backpack… And each past story simply adds more heavy stones into the backpack and it’s harder and harder to move… The weight of the past sometimes can be truly unbearable to carry on. But let’s face it what had happened had happened and we can not turn back the time… We need to make a conscious decision to drop stone after stone and walk away and move on. It’s about consciously recognizing where does your energy is leaking into the past and to stop this ASAP. The sooner we stop investing in the past stories the sooner we will have the strength to create our bright awesome future. Right?

Let’s see if some of your power is going into the future… Now check in with yourself and see what are you worried about what may happen? There are cases where a person can live in a constant feeling of fear… For example worrying about your pension, worrying about creating a family “on time”, worrying about money, relationships and so on and on… There are many things we might fear and constantly worry about. But the thing is that this does not help at all to create your magnificent life! To manifest bright reality we need lots of power, but if all the power goes to “feeling worried and stressed out” the future stays bankrupt and shady… Do you agree?

And finally worrying about what will people think or say doesn’t worth your precious energy!
The moment you start to have a feeling of being not good enough (comparing yourself with others), feeling that you lack, placing other people’s opinion on first place – BREATH. And remind yourself that you are special, that you are not like everyone else, that you are a divine sparkle that shines authentically and you do not need to prove anything to anyone. You are perfect the way you are. And now start to gather your willpower to become even more empowered and amazing. Authenticity makes you attractive and happy!

You know it is critically important to be aware of where our thoughts and worries go. Just because our energy goes right after our thoughts! Do you know how it feels when you have been exhausting yourself with some kind of thinking? That ’s what we do not want to happen.

Let’s Deal with it!

Step #1

Be aware of every single thought you have. You can control and decide where you want to send your power now. Is it worth it? Will your investment return to you in double or will leave you bankrupt?

Step # 2

To make step #1 work out – you need to learn how to be in charge of your mind. For that, I highly recommend to start with short meditation practice and slowly increase the time of being calm and present.

How to meditate to bring energy back?

Every morning before the day starts – make it your routine to create 10 minutes of your private time to sit with your breath. As you sit on the cushion in comfortable crossed leg position, close your eyes. Relax your body internally and externally. And slowly begin to breathe consciously. Deep inhale and slow relaxing exhales. Go for 10 rounds of deep slow breath and after all, you need is to be present and relaxed, holding yourself in the present moment – in meditation.

Yep, That simple! Anyone can do it.

Set your alarm clock for 10 minutes and every week add 2 minutes more.

And do not wait for Monday to start… all we have is NOW.

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With Love and Light!

Vlada & Bliss Body Retreat

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