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As I was sitting in meditation while the Higher Priestess was chanting mantras and praying this thought stroke me. What about our Soul? We do care for everything (especially making more money) but when we are going to give a little time and care for our Souls?

We came to see Priestess at 11 am but it turned out that the ceremony will begin at 12 pm.
Actually The Priestess appeared only at 1 pm. The tension was rising we have so much work to do today but we are sitting here and wasting our time…

Moreover prior to the water purification The H. P. makes a 40 minute chant and praying. So it was already 2 pm and we haven’t got anywhere yet, we are wasting the day, nothing has been achieved so far (overachievers).

But that was such a perfect time to sit quietly , listen to mantras, align with breath, and simply give a little bit of attention to ourselves. To care for the Soul, to look inwards, to clear the mind, to let go, disappear in vastness of the moment…

Every single day we care so there is a good food on our tables (shopping, cooking, waiting in the restaurants, eating). We spend most of the day to be productive, to show results, to be useful, to earn more and more. We use some time during 24h to learn something new (education, reading). We take time to shape our Body (sport, yoga, jogging, fitness). Sometimes we take too much time for dressing up, applying make up, making hair, polishing nails, barbershop, waxing, you name it. Then of course we need to get social, scroll newsfeed if Facebook, put likes on Instagram, post another selfie. The list of things that keep us constantly very busy can go on and on.

Pray first, meditate first, breath into your core

(source of everything) and then live your daily life.

Not all the way back.

How can we experience sense and depth in what we are doing without doing in from/for our Soul?

This is where anxiety, stress, dissatisfaction, unfulfillment, anger grows from. We do not take care for our Souls.
S.O.S. Save our souls by saving your soul at first. And let everything else follow.

Our Soul needs as much time, love and care as The Mind and The Body.

And when Soul, Mind & Body aligned with each other we are reaching for Bliss.

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