Spring Cleanse Online Retreat

  • March 8 – 21, 2020
Hello Sunshine!
We invite you to shed the old skin and come out to life!

It’s time to do a spring detox and purify the body from the winter holiday toxins, lol.

If you feel like you need extra energy and lightness in the body to meet spring in your best shape, we have got something for you.

You can not compare anything with the joy of living in a pure and vibrant body. It just brings an ongoing pleasure and empowerment.

14 Days Program Amazing Results
  • Gently purify your body from old toxins
  • Lose extra water & fat that the body may hold
  • Hydrate and revitalize the body on a cellular level
  • Get back in shape and look radiant
  • Strengthen your immune system
  • Develop healthy relationships with the food
  • Feel empowered and confident in your body
  • Learn new healing recipes for abundant health and wellness

* This program will be very tolerant with your budget. No expensive pills, powders or hard to find ingredients.

Program Overview

Now there is no need to struggle with diets and lack of support. On a mission to bring more health and wellness to the world, we have designed a very easy to follow online detox retreat.

Stay at home, continue to work on your projects and take care of your daily routines while giving your body a holistic wellness vacation.

We will guide you from A to Z on how to organize your spring cleanse at home and follow-through to receive maximum benefits.

These two weeks can help you to make a breakthrough with your eating habits and the outcome will be worthy of every effort.

Need To Know Before You Go

* Doing this cleanse does NOT require you to be vegan for all your life! After the program, you will decide for yourself what diet suits you best. But there is a chance you will get addicted to fresh & vibrant food.

* This program will not focus on fast and aggressive weight loss. This cleanse will give natural & holistic results; your body will be letting go of what is no longer serving it.

«Cleansing your organs and cells is essential! Just like you are maintaining the cleanliness of your car or your house – feels so much better when it's all sparkling clean!»


March 8 - 21, 2020 Price $120 (USD)

Spring Cleanse Online Retreat
What You Will Receive
  • Support of two guides: Detox Expert & Raw-Vegan chef
  • Healing power of Raw Food - Recorded Seminar
  • Energy is talking - Recorded Seminar
  • Well - Organized daily schedule
  • «Go, No & Moderate» food list
  • An easy-to-follow detox nutrition plan
  • Groceries shopping list for every week
  • Simple and delicious detox recipes anyone can do
  • Group support in a closed Facebook circle

Amazing Extras!

  • Healing elixirs & tonics recipe list
  • Natural beauty treatments that you can easily do at home
  • Meditations & Breathing Practices (recordings)

Your Guides

Vlada Inlight
(The Retreat Guide)

- Nutritionist
- Holistic Wellness Coach
- Meditation & Spiritual Mentor

"Healthy thoughts and emotions can not live in the body that is suffering from impurities. Maintaining your body temple clean opens the door for a deeper understanding and meaning of life."

Olha Tirtha
(The Chef)

- Plant-Based & Raw Food Chef
- Holistic Nutrition Specialist

"Your Food Choices Matter. Food is all. Food is powerful. It can fight off depression, boost your mood and even help to change your life."


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