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Recent Reviews

"All aspects of the week were designed to relax, recharge, detox and go deeper within. Upon arriving I had some experience with raw food but wasn't sure what to expect for the week. I was very pleasantly surprised by the tastiness, presentation, creativity, and satisfaction I got from Olha's cooking. I learned so much about flavors and combinations and really learned first hand the true benefits of eating raw food. I was surprised and really happy with the positive effects the food had on me mentally and physically. It helped with many digestive issues, made my skin glow! and just made me feel amazing inside and out! I'm already excited about continuing my raw food exploration and making lots of enthusiastic changes to my health and diet.


This blissful experience will balance and invigorate you, giving you a stronger and healthier outlook to navigate the beautiful world we live in.
The teachings and knowledge have been gathered from the best sources and delivered concisely and effectively. It was truly a gift to be part of the group I had joined. I hope to share what I learned about raw food and yoga so more people can live a healthier and more full life.
108 stars and highly recommend!


I booked the retreat without knowing much about raw food or yoga, all I knew was I needed to do something for myself. It turned out to be the best gift I could give to myself. Great attention to every detail. Small groups of five to focus on each person’s individual needs. Luxury accommodation. All staff smiling, very kind and helpful. The food was out of this world. Spa treatments were amazing, daily masks and scrubs from natural local products while having a bath with a jungle view or a relaxing massage. Changing my habits was quite challenging but I received so much support, love, and guidance every step of the journey. From the bottom of my heart, I would l like to thank Bliss Retreat, I will definitely come back and definitely wish everyone is as lucky as I was to have this experience. Ioanna from Greece & U.K