7-Day Exclusive Yoga & Meditation Immersion In Tuscany, Italy

The Great Heart

  • May 22 – 28, 2020
  • September 12-18, 2020
$2,450 / $2,850
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Heart-Opening Meditation Experience Among The Divine Tuscan Nature.

Deeply Inside you already know all the answers, you just need to learn how to listen. Dive into the exploration of the core of all life – the powerful heart center, the vortex of love. Experience Blissful immersion into the practice of self-love surrounded by amazing Tuscan nature!

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Experience Embraces
  • 7 days in the 12th-century Tuscany mansion
  • Small group and personalized approach
  • Daily Yoga practice for inner peace
  • Heart-opening meditation practices
  • Exploration of the healing energetics of love
  • Rejuvenating breathwork sessions
  • Gourmet plant-based Italian Cuisine
  • Hiking and cycling in the beautiful tuscany hills
A Perfect Getaway To Restore Your Energy

This exclusive Yoga & Meditation Retreat is a perfect environment for you to awaken your heart energy, nurture your body and soul, find peace with all that is.

This exclusive Yoga & Meditation Retreat is a perfect environment for you to awaken your heart energy, nurture your body and soul, find peace with all that is. Rest and restore in the blissful atmosphere of picturesque Tuscany Learn Surrender and the power of Gratitude Gain Great Inspiration and meet amazing like-minded people.

You will gain a great sense of clarity and connectedness with yourself on a spiritual level.

*This retreat suits perfectly for men, women, couples, friends or a family who is looking for a nourishing time in the heart of Italy. Beginner and intermediate level of practitioners are welcome to join this retreat.

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Program Includes

General - Pre-retreat guidance & support - Branded Welcome Kit - 6 nights accommodation at Tuscany charming agriturismo mention - Post-retreat guidance and excess to the “Bliss Body” Membership

Yoga & Meditation - Hatha Yoga & Yin Yoga Daily Sessions - Meditation & Breathwork Daily Sessions - Yoga Nidra Rejuvenating Session - Heart Center Exploration practices - Journaling and Mindfulness - Connected Breathwork Session

Nutrition - Holistic Gourmet Italian cuisine - Herbal Teas and Snacks

Special Features - Hiking & Cycling discovery around Tuscany hills - Celebrational Fire Ceremony - 1-on-1 Spiritual guidance session with the guide

Stunning Tuscany Hills in Monteriggioni, Tuscany, Italy

We will welcome you in a rural complex from the 12th century converted into a charming agriturismo, full of fascinating history. Silence, earthy colors and fragrances are still prominent. The mansion is surrounded by evergreen forest and beautiful hills allowing to go hiking…

This magical place sits between Siena and Florence. The amazing part is that it is still a working Tuscan Farm. An annual harvest of grapes is used to make authentic Chianti Wine that Tuscany is so well known for. They cultivate olive trees, vineyards, officinal plants, fruits, and vegetables, used in the preparation of the vegetarian meals during our retreat. The farm has cows, horses, donkeys, chickens, doves, geese, and dogs.

In this place, you will find the spectacular scenery combines the history and flavors that make Tuscany such a unique vacation experience.

Stylish Agriturismo Mansion

Rustic yet refined accommodations set itself apart from other Tuscan villas. An 800-year-old classic Tuscany farmhouse converted into a stylish place. The ambiance of this place is indeed a one-of-a-kind experience.

Looking out one of the many windows of the different accommodations, you will be captivated by the undulating hills swept with thriving vineyards, olive trees, and enchanting evergreen forests.

Every room is elaborately designed and created with a lux rustic taste.

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May 22-28, 2020 Tuscany, Italy

The Great Heart Retreat
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September 12-18, 2020 Tuscany, Italy

The Great Heart Retreat
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$2850 USD / Private Bedroom

$2450 USD / Shared Bedroom

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Retreat Special Features

Celebrational Fire Ritual During Sunset. With the casting sun we will gather in a circle on the last evening of our retreat, to express gratitude and set intentions. According to the Eastern approach of 5 elements, the element of the Fire is a transformative force that can help you to release unwanted energies and attachments from the past and make space for new intentions and goals. We will take some time to be with fire in a sacred way. This is a fire of love, compassion, purification, joy, and gratitude for life. Let this ceremony enchant you and inspire for your next chapter.

Connected Breathwork Session. This workshop will show you how you can manage stress and anxiety just by using your breath. Discover this profound tool to get into expanded emotional awareness, peak experiences of oneness, and spiritual breakthroughs. Conscious breathing is a safe and gentle process that encourages everyone to explore, experience, express and release their emotions.

Farm-To-Table Holistic Cuisine

With the main idea of coming back to the roots, retreat mansion is surrounded by olive plantations, gardens, and the farm. All of the products are organically grown and harvested at the retreat center. The menu is a holistic fusion of innovative & classic plant-based Italian recipes.

Incorporating the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, basic principles of Chinese Medicine (Macrobiotics) and Raw approach to the nutrition our team created a special menu with the finest and nutrient-rich meals.

Healing buffet breakfasts will include: Berry Chia Porridge, Salad bar with Farmers Dressings, Flaxseed Orange Porridge, Nut-based oatmeals, Seasonal fruit salads and cold-pressed juices.

During lunch you will be delighted by the explosion of Italian flavors and a wide range of delicious dishes, like: Pesto Courgetti, Wild Herbs Risotto Primavera, Roasted Aubergine Gluten-Free Lasagna, Warm salad with Roasted Carrots and Quinoa, Millet with Spinach and Mushrooms sauteed, Oven-baked Squash Gnocchi with Sun-dried Tomato, Gluten-free Forger’s pie, Tuscan-style Roasted Asparagus, Beetroot Panzanella, Caponata, Elaborate desserts like chocolate pie and cheesecakes, chestnut cakes, vegan tiramisu.

Yoga & Meditation Experience

We reunite in a community of connected souls to do our practice, to recognize parts of ourselves that need healing and begin a new day fully present and relaxed.

Every session is accurately designed to reorganize chi (energy) flows in the nadis (channels) and activate dormant parts of the body while calming down the mind.

Morning sessions are focused on connecting movement and breath to awaken the energy and move it through all energy centers (chakras). Authentic and creative practice will include mantra, meditation, purifying breathing practices and well-rounded body movement. Morning practice concludes with profound full body relaxation & journaling.

Evening yoga sessions will bring you back into the present moment and help to release deep sited tension in the muscles and tissues. Surrender and relax through a yin/restorative practice, activate meridians along the whole body and balance the flow of energy. Cool down the nervous system, find stillness and dive into a deep meditative state.

Reviews From Our Guests

“It’s not vacation, it’s transformation. The girls at Bliss are amazing as well as the attendees! I plan to go to Bali soon!! By far the best experience ever. I have carried my improved practice home with me.”
Brooke (USA)

“Bliss Body’s Tuscany retreat was amazing. I had a wonderful time once again with them (I’ve attended their retreats in Bali). Although I enjoy yoga, I actually just enjoy the energy, delicious food and seeing these two angels. There is something about them that is all welcoming, soothing and loving.”
Beatrice (USA)

"I spent an incredible week in Tuscany on a retreat hosted by bliss body. I was very impressed with the organizers, Vlada and Olha. From the food, to the ambiance they created, everything was designed to feel relaxed and restored. Both are very kind, knowledgeable people. I am a yoga teacher and felt that I learned a lot from Vlada both about the physical and mental practice of yoga. I would highly recommend any retreat organized by bliss body and will be going again."
Michelle (USA)

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Your Retreat Facilitator

Vlada Inlight
(The Retreat Guide)

- Professional Yoga & Meditation Facilitator.

- Spiritual Mentor

- Intuitive Energy Healer

Everything that she teaches whether it is about yoga practice, spirituality or energy healing is coming from the depth of her heart and years of dedicated self-work and personal practice.

During these retreats, Vlada offers steady, mindful and deep practice, including knowledge on energy channels, meridians, and chakras.

Need To Know Before You Go
  • Please note that every 2 rooms share 1 bathroom.
  • The transfer to and from the retreat space is not included in the price and should be organized separately.
  • Alcohol, drugs or smoking is strictly prohibited in the venue of the retreat.
  • We do not organize any tours except hiking and cycling in the neighborhood.
  • All meals that we serve are vegan (do not contain dairy, eggs, etc.).
  • There is a wide variety of additional activities. Please inquire beforehand the list of Additional Activities.
  • Bring some warm closes with you as in the evenings it might get chilly.
  • Bring your water bottle (NO PLASTIC usage in the area).

What Is Not Included

  • Tickets and travel expenses to and off Italy/Tuscany
  • Transfer to and off the retreat venue
  • Laundry
  • Extra activities (not mentioned in the program)
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