4-Day Meditation & Healing Immersion in Hong Kong

Three Steps
to Bliss

  • September 23-26, 2021
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Treat yourself with a soulful break of nature healing and energetic balance

As you slow down and return to a place of inner stillness, you begin to reconnect with forgotten parts of your human nature.

Essentials of breath, movement, mindfulness, and peaceful natural surroundings create a perfect reset container for every urban inhabitant.

Envelope yourself into the healing energies and natural sounds while staying in this sanctuary of bliss.

Experience Embraces
  • 4 Days / 3 Nights In The Pristine Nature Retreat
  • Healing Meditations
  • Restorative Yoga Practice
  • Breathwork Sessions
  • Chakra Balancing
  • Nourishing Vegan Cuisine
  • Pilgrimage to an Ancient Temple
Three Pillars Of Bliss

I. The Ancient Wisdom Of Yoga And Meditation For Inner Balance & Empowerment.

II. Private Nature Escape On A Fruit Farm Surrounded By Mountains, River, And An Ancient Temple, Creates a Perfect Energetic Space.

III. Vegan Plant-Based Living Cuisine For Vitality, Healing, And Wellness.

Retreat Includes

The Program 4 days & 3 nights accommodation in eco-farm retreat Pre-arrival support and guidance re-retreat consultation with the retreat guide Complimentary roundtrip transfers Post-retreat support and information package

Yoga, Meditation and Spiritual Practices 2 Morning Yoga and Breathwork Sessions 3 Inspirational Talks and Meditation Sessions 3 Evening Restorative Yoga and Meditation Sessions

Gourmet Vegan Cuisine 3 Holistic Vegan Breakfasts 3 Holistic Vegan Lunches 3 Evening Healing Soups

Retreat Overview

By immersing yourself in the arms of pure nature, by peeling the layers of urbanization of your head/heart and body, you are offering your soul a precious chance of realignment.

There is so much healing in withdrawing yourself from the vortex of hectic daily routines and checking in again with yourself. Touch base with your emotional wellbeing, physical health, and spiritual evolution.

This retreat is created with an intention to bring you into a state of Union and Harmony.

Personalization and privacy is our highest priority, that's why we have limited availability up to 6 people only.

Three Steps To Bliss

Ground Introducing The Topic Of Grounding Meditation And Balancing Practices To Ground The Body and Clear The Mind Self-Healing Techniques To Deal With Sleep Disorder And Low Energy A Restorative Yoga Practice To Slow Down And Activate Chi

Connect Introducing The Topic Of Self-Reconnection Meditation And Breathwork Practice To Reconnect With Oneself A Mindful Yoga Practice Feeling Present And Self-Conscious

Expand Introducing The Topic of Authenticity And Full Expression Meditation And Breathwork Practice To Expand One's Awareness Balancing Yoga Practice To Create More Freedom In The Body Pilgrimage To An Ancient Temple And Tree Manifestation Ritual

Yoga Practice

Take your practice to a deeper level through a mindful Hatha yoga approach, breathing techniques, and practice of meditation.

Yogic philosophy, Meditation, Hatha Yoga, Restorative Yoga

Yoga Practice is focused on connecting movement and breath to awaken your energy and move it through all energy centers (chakras). Authentic and creative practice will include mantra, meditation, purifying breathing practices, and well-rounded body movement.

A 90-minute session concludes with a profound full-body relaxation & sound healing.

*All classes are suitable for the beginners and valuable for experienced yogis.

Meditation Practice

Experience the power of meditation for emotional balance, inner peace and clarity.

You will practice:
- Inner Stillness Meditation & Grounding Meditation
- Spiritual Connection Meditation & Universal Oneness Meditation
- Morning Centering Meditation, Energy Clearing Meditation.

*All meditations are suitable for the beginners and valuable for experienced meditators.

Nature Escape in New Territories

A hidden paradise of Hong Kong. Previously a Jackfruit plantation, this ancient land was restored into an organic farm and intimate retreat space.

Two private houses in the mountains are a perfect getaway for quiet downtime. Spacious and white harmony hall is a dreamlike place for meditative and yogic practices. All the mansion area has a light and vibrant energy. It is a safe environment to reconnect with nature and infuse your system with fresh air and organic food.

You are invited to escape the city without leaving the territory. Envelope yourself into the healing energies and natural sounds while staying in this sanctuary of bliss.

What Is Special About This Retreat

“Three Steps To Bliss” is a meditation and self-healing journey suitable both for men and women of all ages and levels.

The program is carefully designed for everyone who is looking for a map to discover oneself and your spiritual path and bring balance into your daily life.

This will be your next big step towards your True Self.

Sacred Pilgrimage

Manifesting your heart's true wishes and desires is a beautiful and sacred ritual.

Early in the morning, we will walk to an ancient temple, well known for its strong blissful energy. Here we will give our offerings and prayers to the Universal Creative Forces.

Your day will start with an abundance meditation and manifestation ritual at the temple and magical banyan tree.

Holistic and Balancing Meditation & Yoga Journey:

Explore mindfulness & spirituality on a deeper level

Learn about the chakra system and how to balance your own energy

Master Meditation practice for clarity, wisdom and inner fulfillment


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September 23-26, 2021 Hong Kong, China

Three Steps to Bliss Retreat
Book Your Accommodation

Premier Suite

River House - Suite

Single Occupancy: USD 3180

Shared Occupancy: USD 2280 per person

This bedroom is perfect for couples or single occupants willing to enjoy this luxury haven. Filled with light, the space is overlooking green mountains and organic plantations. Treat yourself with a relaxation session in the jacuzzi and enjoy the sunlight while seated undisturbed in your private terrace. This suite is truly the jam of the property.


Superior Suite

Mountain House - Suite

Single Occupancy: USD 2880

Shared Occupancy: USD 2180 per person

This suite is perfect for those who love privacy. One double bed for single or double occupancy. This harmonious suite has lots of light and invites you to take the time and rest. Enjoy a private bathroom with a shower and a small balcony to overlook the stunning natural surroundings with a cup of tea.


Zen Room

River House - Double Bed Room

Single Occupancy: USD 2380

Shared Occupancy: USD 1780 per person

Relaxing bedroom for single occupancy. Your little cave of privacy in the property. Simple and stylish, the room will make you feel like you are in a Buddhist temple. Enjoy a private bathroom with a shower.


Provence Room

Mountain House - Two Single Beds

Single Occupancy: USD 2480

Shared Occupancy: USD 1880 per person

*Able to book shared separately

A comfortable bedroom that will remind you of the countryside in France. Antique pieces of interior create a wonderful sense of home and safety. This bedroom has two single beds and a private bathroom with a shower.


Piano Room

River House - Single Bed

Single Occupancy: USD 2480

Shared Occupancy: USD 1880 per person

The spacious room has one double bed to be shared or enjoyed privately. You will find there many books and a wonderful piano for an inspirational stay.

Gourmet Vegan Cuisine

Plant-Based Cuisine improves one’s connection to Mother Earth.

At Bliss Body, we treat food as a precious gift and natural remedy in the healing of body, mind, spirit. Living plant-based food helps you to walk through life in perfect harmony with Nature and the Universe. It actively supports the journey towards rapid healing and anti-aging processes.

Incorporating the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda, basic principles of Chinese Medicine (Macrobiotics), and the Raw-Vegan approach to nutrition our team created a special menu with the finest and nutrient-rich meals.

* Most of the vegetables are sourced from the onsite organic farm

Explore Menu Highlights

Daily Schedule

Day 1

13:30 - Arrival

14:00 - Opening circle

15.00 - Vegan Holistic Lunch

17:30 - GROUND Meditation

18:30 - GROUND Yoga Practice & Breathwork

20:00 - Evening Nourishing Soup

Day 2

07:30 - Meditation,Yoga & Breathwork

09:00 - Vegan Holistic Breakfast

13:00 - CONNECT Meditation

14:30 - Gourmet Holistic Lunch

18:00 - CONNECT Yoga & Breathwork

20:00 - Evening Nourishing Soup

Day 3

07:30 - Meditation,Yoga & Breathwork

09:00 - Vegan Holistic Breakfast

13:00 - EXPAND Meditation

14:30 - Vegan Holistic Lunch

18:00 - EXPAND Yoga & Meditation

20:00 - Evening Nourishing Soup

Day 4

07:30 - Morning Temple Visit and Manifestation Ritual at the wishing tree

09:00 - Vegan Holistic Breakfast

11:00 - Closing Circle

13:00 - Lunch

14:00 - Transfers

Additional Holistic Activities

Energy Healing & Chakra Balancing Session

Energy Balancing session is a gentle, non-invasive, hands-on treatment in support of whole-body health and healing. It works with the body’s natural intelligence, treating, and sensations as signals from the soul.

This approach to energy healing is truly holistic; working not just with the body and mind, but also with familial, relational, and societal patterns.

The fundamental therapeutic skills of presence and stillness are observed as the system is gently brought back in contact with the body’s innate capacity for healing and rejuvenation.

This Healing Therapy works well with trauma, chronic pain or illness, digestive issues, stress, depression and anxiety, troubled sleep, and much more.

Reviews From Our Guests
Huge thanks for your positive energy, kindness and personalisation. I have learned a lot from these 4 intensive days and feel reenergized, with some concrete ideas of what to make part of my day-to-day (meditation, time for myself, recipes). I feel like I have never breathed so much in my life as during this retreat. I have discovered the power and magic of meditation and breathing that are precious tools which I am sure will help me going forward. Solenne (July 2020)
Thank you for organizing this and for your lovely energy. Vlada you have a lovely voice and energy. You strike a good balance between practical and mystical, not easy to do. I appreciate the attention to COVID and health, it made me feel safe. The venue was great for recharging. Good balance of sessions and rest. I thought that the themes of each day made sense and the sessions matched. They were accessible to all levels. The food was amazing. Overall was great, thank you! Armeen (July 2020)
The retreat was packed with yoga and meditation sessions, and a daily seminar to go deep into our energy centers and what it all means to our life. There was a highly spiritual component in most of what we did, which I found inspiring and refreshing. It was also a great opportunity to reconnect with nature away from the city, as the venue is in an area completely surrounded by lush vegetation … you could be anywhere in Southeast Asia and wouldn’t know the difference. I was dying for this type of experience again, after not being able to travel for months and what the Bliss Body team pulled together far exceeded my expectations. Roberto (September 2020)
I’ve never done a retreat before so I had no expectations when I attended the Bliss Body Retreat in HK. I’m so grateful, it was an amazing experience in nature and took me away from the hustle and bustle of city life. But also, helped me to reconnect with my inner self and take some time to just chill. I’ve learnt a lot during this trip and thoroughly enjoyed it. Also chef Lisa on-site at the villa was an amazing chef, she made vegan food taste so good! Totally recommend, would do their retreats in any other country. Tash (August 2020)
The retreat was more than I ever expected from Hong Kong, which isn't known for retreats immersed in nature. Every day was inspiring, peaceful and fun. The home and common spaces were beautifully designed, the plant-based menu inspired me to give up meat after the retreat, the meditation, breathe work and yoga were calming and informative and the land and farm surrounding us was beautiful. Meredith (August 2020)
I was dreaming of flying to Bali to try out the retreat but thanks to COVID19 the retreat came to me in Hong Kong. We spent 4 days learning tones, relaxing but also taking meditation to another level. Chef Lisa is a wonderful cook and she has changed our mind about vegan food -it's delicious. I had a very transformative experience which will have a long-lasting impact on my life. I look forward to the next one! Ines (August 2020)
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