3 Week Healing, Meditation & Journaling Retreat at home with Vlada de Sousa

2020 – A Year of Growth

  • Starting Date: 13th December, 2020
Your Invitation To Reimagine New Possibilities

This retreat from home is my offering to reunite in a grounded and safe container as we must process the intense emotions, thoughts and experiences we have all gone through this year. It is my invitation to help you break free from stressors, heal and connect to oneselves deeply.

Here we are, still alive and breathing after the multiple energy shifts of this year. Were we ready to cancel our travel plans, weddings, business projects? Were we prepared to change our plans, countries, jobs, relationships?

No one was expecting this wave of instability and uncharted territory to fall over us. We simply were not ready to go through such a profound feeling of unsafety.

So what is now? Where do we go from here? How do we collect our courage, power and confidence back to move forward into the next year?

“The only thing that we must not postpone - is our Healing and Evolution”

Vlada de Sousa

Highlights of the Retreat

Practice Meditation for Emotional Wellness and Spiritual Transformation

Balance Your Energy And Chakra System

Explore The Magic Of Contemplation Through Journaling

Do The Processing Work To Clear Emotional And Mental Bodies

Regain Clear Vision And Enter New Possibilities

Three Main Intentions
  • LET GO

    Processing life experiences is an absolutely necessary part of our growth and wellbeing. The number of stored memories, feelings and stories that we simply did not have time to digest create energetic weight. Energetic weight is something that makes us feel heavy and stagnant. Let’s sit, meditate, write and process all the experiences we have received this year. So we can step into a new chapter with clarity, vision and lighter.

  • HEAL

    Self-care and self-love is more essential than ever, we can’t postpone or delay it when in the midst of chaos. We are sensitive beings, we feel everything… We feel the pain of other people, we feel the collective energy and our own ups and downs. Let’s take time to turn our attention to ourselves and give back to our Body, Energy and Spirit.


    It is not every year that we have such massive energetic support to make a great leap and finally transform our vision, our life and our future. The year 2020 is exactly that vortex where almost everything is changing and shifting. In this great time of change, everything becomes unknown. The realm of the unknown is exactly that place where unimaginable can become true, the unknown is a space for miracles.

What’s inside of the Retreat?

Teachings on how to go beyond the fear of the unknown and get to see the possibilities and the bigger picture.

Vlada’s personal energy work practices for daily healing and balancing

Unique meditations recorded specially for this retreat

Guided breathwork to access personal freedom and inner light


Three Live Sessions with Vlada de Sousa

Processing the discomfort of change Online

Sunday| 13 December | 11 am - 1 pm GMT

Sourcing the wisdom Online

Sunday| 20 December | 11 am - 1 pm GMT

Entering new possibilities Online

Sunday| 27 December | 11 am - 1 pm GMT

*All Live Sessions Will Be Recorded And Available For 48 hours.

What Is Included

3 Live Sessions With Vlada de Sousa (2 hours)

3 Recorded Meditations For Self-practice

3 Videos With Vlada’s Personal Practices:

Breathwork Techniques

Energy Healing Practices

Rituals for Grounding and Self Love

Printable Journal “The Year Of Growth”

Retreat Price

2020 - A Year of Growth

Date: 13th December - 27th December

Price: $108 USD


*Dear community, taking into consideration the current financial crisis, we have significantly reduced the original price of this offering. Our intention is to make this retreat affordable so we can support as many of you in this time as we can.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”.

Carl Jung

Weekly Schedule

Week 1

Sunday, 13 December: Live Session Monday to Saturday: Daily Self Practice, Meditation, Journaling

Week 2

Sunday, 20 December: Live Session Monday to Saturday: Daily Self Practice, Meditation, Journaling

Week 3

Sunday, 27 December: Live Session Monday to Saturday: Daily Self Practice, Meditation, Journaling


When does the course start?

The course starts on December 13th and lasts for 3 weeks.

How much does it cost?

The price for 3-Week Meditation & Healing Retreat is 108 USD

Are the sessions live? Will there be recordings available?

Yes, sessions are live. If you won’t be able to be present at the live session, each recording will be sent to your email and will be available for 48 hours.

When & Where are the sessions?

Each live session will be at 11 am (GMT) on Sundays via Zoom platform.

Use: this time converter link to see the time at your location.

How long is each session?

Each session will last around 2 hours. Please have a pair of headphones and a good internet connection to have maximum benefits from the live session.

Is each session taught by Vlada?

Yes, this Retreat is exclusively taught by Founder & Retreat Guide at Bliss Body Retreat - Vlada de Sousa.

What materials will I need?

You need to have a journal, a pen, a pair of headphones and also a printed workbook for the course (optional).

Do I have to attend each session?

We highly recommend being present at each session to have maximum benefits from this course and enjoy the group connection as well. If you won’t be able to attend all sessions, you will have a recording and can watch the replay within 48 hours.